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  2. New tools, new capabilities
  3. Thanks Rob and Mike!
  4. Thanks Rob
  5. G-Code Holsters are Here!
  6. First trip to Bowers.
  7. Bowers Tactical "Odin" Shirt are here
  8. FFL Transfers?
  9. They havent figured out how to kill me yet...
  10. Great Shop
  11. 300 blackout
  12. Magpul MOE SL-K we got em
  13. The Junk Gun
  14. The bad about Bowers
  15. Plan ahead! Build the gun younwant the first time.
  16. I'd like to have a look... (Honor Defense)
  17. SA Friday... you sand bagging !#$@%
  18. Vortex Strike Eagle and Viper, and Surefire Warden in stock.
  19. Love this shop
  20. Causality Care class, 21 Aug 16 at Bowers
  21. Y'all got any Varget?
  22. Arapaho and I-25 TOTALLY JACKED UP!
  23. Operators Shopping Operationally Sale Sale!
  24. 11/22/16; 9th Anniversary!
  25. Thank You Sean
  26. Dimpling a Melonite Barrel
  27. Construction road closures near Bowers Tactical
  28. Black Friday Sale Starts Today (18 Nov 17)
  29. Kel-Tec Sub 2000 9mm in FDE
  30. I just did it cuz it was funny.
  31. Product Review; Hera USA 30 round AR magazine
  32. Review: SB Tactical A3 Brace
  33. Vortex and Holosun Red Dots
  34. Review: Jagemann 'Jag 19' Glock 19, 15 round magazine
  35. Thanks!
  36. Product Review: New Magpul and Rifles Only H.A.D. Suppressor Covers
  37. Product Review: New Magpul bipod.
  38. Product Review: Magpul Sunglasses
  39. Product Review: NAR M-FAK LE first aid kit
  40. Glock Gen 5 potential minor mechanical issue.
  41. Glocks On Sale Now!
  42. 2018 Holiday hours of Operation
  43. 2/23/2019... Yes, we ARE open!
  44. M&P 15-22 safety check
  45. 4 July 2019 Holiday Schedule
  46. Product Review: Attack PAK Modular Battle Belt System
  47. Cuz We LOVE the Taco! Product Review
  48. The Trials and Tribulations of Sales....
  49. New Friend (a friend who cerakotes is a friend indeed)
  50. Sons Of Liberty Gun Works, does anyone have one?
  51. Comparative Analysis of Head Space Gauges for AR-15s in 223 etc.
  52. Analysis: Velocity Comparison to Barrel Length on an AR (223/556)
  53. Product Review: ZEV Technologies AR-15 Upper and Lower Receivers
  54. Analysis: A4 v A5 buffer Systems Slo-mo Video Comparative Analysis
  55. Yea, we are open 31 Dec 2019 and 1 Jan 2020
  56. Analysis: Slo-Mo Part 2, JP buffer system and Low Mass carrier.
  57. Hurt Feelings...
  58. Video: Some thoughts on picking a handguard if you are going to build an AR.
  59. Video: Different AR buffer systems explained.