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  1. Rechargeable Battery Repair/Rebuilding?
  2. DIY guys get in here. finishing basement and garage.
  3. Auto body repair question. (Cash offer vs Geico $500 deductible.)
  4. Cast Iron Griddle
  5. Homemade Stoves?
  6. 14 or 12 -2 cable/wire.
  7. Finance/Small Business ownership etc.
  8. DIY/Tools/Construction/whatever section.
  9. Case Foam Cutting
  10. Electrician Question on grounding outlets
  11. I made a barrel stove.
  12. Anyone know anything about wireless surveillance cameras?
  13. Any members familiar with App development (smartphone)?
  14. "check engine" light
  15. Anybody an A&P mechanic?
  16. Where is my appendix?
  17. What keyboard to buy my kid?
  18. Help me build a corner pantry
  19. Jeep XJ
  20. Boostin on a budget
  21. Voltage regulator, and pulsing lights
  22. HDTV
  23. HVAC guys in the bailey area
  24. Install radio in trailer for Mountains
  25. Help with a child in school.
  26. help me sell my truck
  27. How to make a paracord lanyard?
  28. Thinking about a cheap fire pit
  29. DIY How to: Building an in-wall niche between the studs
  30. Need Some Help Organizing/Donations/etc
  31. Chainsaw Carving
  32. Can Someone Help Me Identify this Case
  33. Need Ideas for Garage Scrap Wood/Metal Storage
  34. Wiring code help
  35. Will my bleach bottle break in -15* cold?
  36. Will a 2.8 generator run a 15 amp electrical motor?
  37. Installing a backup alarm in the truck - one you can turn off?
  38. Anyone in Northern Colorado/Cheyenne parkerize?
  39. Truck help question
  40. Z-Bolt lazer
  41. DIY Security: What did you do today?
  42. Leaky water heater
  43. Water filter
  44. Need to borrow a small trailer in Colorado Springs
  45. Need Someone with Adobe Acrobat
  46. Sliding Glass Door Repair Colorado Springs
  47. Buying a used generator-What to do so you don't get burned!?
  48. Electrical outlets
  49. Building Secret house storage compartments
  50. Sewing Help
  51. Glass cutting
  52. I could use some help...
  53. electrical help
  54. How much does your dog cost you per year (on average)?
  55. Farmhouse Table
  56. Honda generator needs some TLC
  57. anyone here have a sheet metal brake?
  58. Husky Air Compressor Tripping the GFI
  59. Garage Shelves
  60. Reloading room/gun room ideas
  61. Electrical outlets/switches are Loose after sheetrock install
  62. Engine stumbling
  63. Doggy Constipation and Vet recomendations?
  64. Garage Cabinets
  65. Need a locksmith
  66. Need a new printer for the office
  67. Name for an LLC
  68. Custom subaru mesh grill
  69. Table construction... How to add leaves
  70. Those of you who've used me or seen my work, how about a review?
  71. Is there an Electrician in the house? (subpanel install)
  72. Free referral service similar to Angie's List
  73. First time stippling
  74. Venting an over the range microwave.
  75. Mounting a radio in the old truck
  76. Confirming Date of Manufacture on Bushmaster AR
  77. Audio help needed.
  78. Thinking about painting a plastic stock
  79. AR-15 upper rail riser
  80. Micarta and G10 knife scales How to
  81. Repairing carpet, or hosed?
  82. Electrician recommendation needed in the North Front Range (Windsor/Greeley/FoCo)
  83. Call for fire! Need FB help!
  84. Krylon paint that closely matches FDE
  85. car issues
  86. Furnace help please!
  87. Ford Ranger turn signal issue
  88. 1971 Honda CB350 Mechanic Needed
  89. DOT regs and a truck
  90. Anybody do gutters??
  91. Switching Light Bulb Fixture to Flourescent
  92. Building Some Stuff: Kid's bookshelf
  93. Looking for a Holster Maker that Frequents Colorado Gun Shows - MK
  94. What do these belong to????
  95. value?
  96. Youth 870 Remington
  97. Seling a Gun mnaufactured in 1958 w/o background check
  98. why did I pull the yoke?
  99. Does anyone know how to uninstall/install a Garage Door?
  100. Hot tub heating problems
  101. Car problems some need parts
  102. Need advice on how to resurface lift-top coffee table.
  103. Portable Target Stands
  104. Let's talk major appliances
  105. Help with shop electrical
  106. Help with possible car problem
  107. Need help moving a car
  108. 5/8" end mill
  109. Gas water heater how easy is a "do it your self" replacement?
  110. Looking for a State Farm insurance agent amongst us..
  111. Restoring an old bass
  112. I need someone that knows how to work on dryers.
  113. 1/2x28 thread help
  114. House Inspection and support woes. Help.
  115. Anybody have any good oil change tips / suggestions?
  116. Looking for a good alignment guy
  117. Needed: honest, reputable European furniture appraiser/auction, paintings too!
  118. Looking for a safe mover or rigging company that services Windsor
  119. Sump Pump Help
  120. Log in
  121. Looking For a CZ SP-01 To Handle And/Or Shoot
  122. Paint it? Coat it? Shoot it?
  123. I Need Help With: Cookin' the Easter Bunny
  124. Any good faIshion blogs?
  125. Class C Motorhome Owners!
  126. Party tent rental in COS?
  127. Drivetrain shop recommendations?
  128. Let's talk hardwood flooring. Who's got them or has had them? Pros? Cons?
  129. Gong for 100+ yard pistol?
  130. cutting kevlar
  131. Dog door advice, question and install
  132. Need help filing and Eform for NFA item in Grand Junction
  133. Is there a better option than "darts" to hold an upholstered panel tightly and still allow removal?
  134. Woodpeckers
  135. Ok dumb question, this is my first AR. Failure to eject spent casing question.
  136. Cutting a 22 GA steel plate
  137. Need a good surveyor, Clear Creek County
  138. Anyone have a pneumatic upholstery stapler?
  139. Interior double door help?
  140. HVAC/Furnace help...no warm air coming out of vents..
  141. Deck: need ideas/help
  142. Replacing a GFIC circuit breaker with a normal one
  143. Need a Licensed HVAC guy
  144. Need a Licensed Electrician that does Panel work
  145. Replacement Window Suggestions?
  146. Longboard (skateboard)
  147. Anyone know of a concrete polishing company, interior basement?
  148. Your Thoughts: M&P Shield "Keyhole" marks on primer
  149. Need to see some Raised Garden pictures or help
  150. Looking to borrow/rent an auger to dig 7 holes
  151. Leaf Blower, Now What?
  152. Mrs. Sharpienad's B-Day present: Makeup vanity
  153. Any recommendations for landscaping and/or lawn installation in Colorado Springs?
  154. Screen repair/replacement.
  155. Local bank/credit union recommendation.
  156. Recreational Land Loan: Anyone done this before?
  157. anyone know a cheap locksmith in the springs?
  158. Who is the VMWare expert?
  159. Rec land rental?
  160. Live Current in water
  161. Anyone know a gunsmith in Denver metro that does good bluing work?
  162. Need some help troubleshooting sprinkler system
  163. Good gunsmith for old revolver in COS?
  164. Need a place for rent: N E Denver area would be good, open to other Denver locations.
  165. Metal Fabricator
  166. Any Herp (lizard) lovers? Uramastyx, Tegu, Monitor
  167. cheap on site temp. storage/enclosed trailer wanted
  168. One Vs Two Piece Wheels on Trucks
  169. Mini Redneck Ramada
  170. Drywall Guy
  171. Legal advice/family lawyer.
  172. Buying 1/4 cow direct from the ranch
  173. How to Strip Cerakote w/o Harmig Orginal Finish
  174. 8Foot killer lizard tank. Building material questions. (Heat and Humidity)
  175. New House, fixing things...
  176. Need a lawyer
  177. Material that would make a good top for a workbench?
  178. Need landscape suggestions - rock edging slope near split rail fence
  179. Need advice for Rain Barrel repair
  180. Transmission shop recommendations.
  181. Small galvanized bucket
  182. Buying tires - Brands/models.
  183. Glock front sight screw
  184. Old Mustang electrical issues?
  185. Anybody know about septic systems?
  186. Motorcycle tire valve stem leaking
  187. swamp cooler problem
  188. Aluminum welding
  189. Natural Gas grill hookup - any reason this is not a DIY task?
  190. Deciding when to put your dog down.
  191. Auto Painting
  192. electrical knockout die set looking to borrow for a couple of hours
  193. I need a engine and installation shop recommendation
  194. Does anyone know where I can get some foliage green spray paint.
  195. Persian rug appraisal
  196. Jewelry repair
  197. Buffet / Bar for dining room
  198. DIY timney on a rem 700
  199. Motorcycle mechanic
  200. Stupid question?
  201. S&W 30 PC magnetic screwdriver set
  202. Please reccomend: HVAC and Landscaper
  203. Classic Car Restoration Advice
  204. Camping near Horsetooth Reservoir
  205. Question for someone in the Army (awards related)
  206. Anyone know how to cook Blood Sausage? (Tiens, voila du Boudin)
  207. How do I solder this??
  208. Cut inlet for door lock?
  209. YARDS!!!
  210. Need motorcycle seat vinyl and foam
  211. Gardening ID: What is this plant?
  212. PEX Crimp Tools?
  213. Need help with Firefox
  214. Plumbers. Is this dirt in my water?
  215. Kenmore freezer not cold but fridge works fine.
  216. Scheduled Services: VW Golf mk VI (TDi)
  217. Educate me on selling stocks over the weekend
  218. HOOT Septic Systems
  219. Crack in windshield needs repaired
  220. MY Flip.. sort of
  221. Suppressor Mirage cover . I need to know what the inside fabric is and where I can buy it retail.
  222. Any Hvac guys here?
  223. Plumbers?.... next question on house...
  224. Hornady Lock N Load OAL Modified Case in .300 WSM
  225. Auto dent and scratch repair
  226. Plumber in Colo Spgs?
  227. Garage door service
  228. Do we have any washer/dryer repairmen?
  229. Need a favor from someone with a 92-99 Chevy/GMC Suburban.
  230. Tricks for re-fluffing a sleeping bag?
  231. I need computer help again. This laptop isnt working wirelessly.
  232. House/attic fan wiring help needed
  233. Looking for a gun shop that accepts trades.
  234. Vacuum pressure breaker sprinkler problems!!!
  235. Prototype floating shelf
  236. Looking for recommendations for Northern Colorado Gunsmith.
  237. Need a plumber
  238. Auto body work (paint)
  239. Fixing up wall after in wall cat door removal.
  240. Chest Freezer to Kegerator Conversion
  241. Need to cut/polish 2" thick marble
  242. How Do I Figure out...
  243. want good camera, need advice!
  244. Selling a vehicle that won't pass emissions
  245. Campers 101
  246. Package stolen off of the porch...
  247. Dealing with a bad check
  248. Can anyone bend 1" steel round tube or know where to find 1" OD 90° elbow
  249. Recommend a place to resole boots
  250. I have scrap wood...