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  1. DangerLee Industries LLC Feedback
  2. DangerLee Industries LLC Description and FFL Transfer Fee pricing.
  3. Cerakote price list for COAR Members and Pics!
  4. Camouflage Cerakoting Photos
  5. Now offering SBR and Laser engraving services
  6. Cerakote pictures
  7. Suppressor Ordering Misconception Clarification
  8. Digital fingerprint machine and photo booth are here to make 41F compliance a breeze!!!!!!
  9. Precision Barrel Threading - Custom Machining Services and Pricing
  10. The DLI official machining thread!
  11. SALE SilencerCo 22 Sparrow SS
  12. Grand Opening September 9th
  13. Closed the week of SHOT
  14. Open to full or partial trades
  15. SHOT Show 2018 New Gear!!!!
  16. Benchmade, Gerber and Spyderco 5% off COAR members.
  17. New Benchmade display with more sku’s. Plus 5% off for COAR members until May 5th!
  18. 4th of July sale
  19. Anniversary sale Sept. 21st-22nd.... Discounts and win a free benchmade, silencer and gun!
  20. Colt SAA collectors
  21. 15% off Cerkaote the entire month of January
  22. GLOCK BLUE LABEL PROGRAM : Sig, Beretta, S/W and Remington to follow.
  23. Sig / Smith / Beretta / Remington Military - 1st responder pricing
  24. 10% off Cerakote Services