View Full Version : AA Targets update...facebook specials, new distriibutor! etc

07-30-2013, 20:38
Check us out on Facebook and give us a like if you want! AA Targets

We are gonna be putting our "specials" up there as they become available. This will be where we put up our odd and end targets, our over runs or other special deals!!! I know not everyone has facebook or wants to deal with the hassle, but it is the best method we have to update quickly without having to constantly pay our web guy to update our webpage.

AA Targets is proud to announce that Deliberate Dynamics http://shop.deliberatedynamics.com/ will soon be carrying our products!! We are working on a few projects with them, that we are really excited about!! Stay tuned for some of the new targets coming out!!
They are a great company carrying awesome products with great pricing. They also are very supportive of the shooting sports, generously donating to prize tables at matches.

Recently we outfitted the Pawnee Sportsman's Centers new 1000 yrd range!! They have a great facility out there with a lot of big plans in the works. Definitely check them out. Victory Defense Consulting is also running several matches out there, and has some exciting things in store in that arena.

We want to apologize for the slow delivery times. We have been really swamped with orders and we are experiencing growing pains off and on. We apologize for this and we are doing everything to increase our production and to not let any customer fall through the cracks. We apologize to any customers we have let slip through the cracks or that have had to wait for very long on an order.

We are striving to do better and we appreciate your patience and your business!!