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05-13-2012, 21:37
What material are your targets constructed of?

AR-500 is our material of choice for most of our targets. It is desirable for our application as it is an extremely abrasion resistant material, capable of handling the abuse thrown its way. Typical hardness ranges are BHN of 460-544. We can use other material upon request depending on your desired application.

How are the Targets cut?

We use the water jet cutting process to cut our targets. It is the most desirable option for cutting Abrasion Resistant steel, because it generates minimal heat while cutting the steel. (Laser, Plasma and Flame cutting all add much greater heat than water jet) Heat is bad for Abrasion Resistant (AR) steel because it affects the factory heat treat, causing HAZ's, or "heat affected zones." That basically means there will be soft spots in your target where it is more likely that it will be damaged when hit.

We will also use Plasma to cut targets on request, with plans to add an "economy" line of targets to our webpage soon.

Why do your targets come with rubber strapping and not chain or wire?
The rubber strapping we use is superior to chain. Chain breaks with only a few stray rounds. The strapping we use can absorb many many stray rounds before failure occurs. We are the ONLY company (that we know of) supplying rubber strapping to hang targets!

What are grade 8 bolts and why are they used?

Bolts come in several grades. In certain applications (such as attaching our strapping to the target plate) we use a grade 8 bolt. This bolt is much stronger than the bolts you are likely to find at your local "big box" hardware store. They withstand far greater punishment than a lesser grade of bolt.

What is your sales tax rate?

We will add more FAQs as they are needed.