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04-12-2013, 21:28
Looking for some suggestions from those here who have the experience in longe range shooting. I just bought a Remington 700 SPS 30-06 and a Bushnell Elite Tactical 5-15x40 Argon AO MilDot Matte Black Riflescope.

I'm not quite sure which scope mount to buy for this setup. I'm not looking for the top of the line "two trillion dollar" mount and I'm definitely not looking for some "el cheapo" mount that will fail and F up my optics.

Also, bipod recommendations? I was going to hold off on a bipod for now until I decided if I was going to change out the factory stock. More than likely, I'll buy a bipod before the new stock. Not sold on the fact that a new stock will make much of a difference just yet. Harris bipods comes up a lot in my searches online, but I wanted to get some feedback from you all first.

I'm sure I'll hear more suggestions from folks here about different tweeks like trigger jobs, floating the barrel, etc. Please, I'd appreciate the ideas you might have for fine tuning it and I'm sure Bert will appreciate it too since I'll be asking him to do the 'smithing for me.

04-12-2013, 22:34
Scope rings: Badger Ordnance... and Seekins looks pretty tough too... there are a handful of'em out there. You'll spend at least $100 plus on some decent ones.
Bipod: I've gone through 2 Harris bipods (sold'em)... and now I'm stuck with an Atlas bipod from Accu-shot and loving it! They're up there in price, but you'll only cry once about it [Coffee]

I believe getting an aftermarket stock/chassis will allow the barrel to free float. The difference between the two: with a stock you'll need to purchase the floor plate assembly if your looking to have a detachable mag set up (unless it already comes with it) and may require bedding. A chassis is already ready set up for that and you don't need to bed it... I think, mine isn't bedded on my AICS 1.5


04-13-2013, 00:04
There seems to be 2 names when it comes to bipods and that is harris and atlas. I have a harris that I just got and I like it and its good enough for me but big dogs use the atlas but if you get a harris get a swivel model and then add a kdw pod lock they are tits when you do that. As far as rings go I have badger ordinance they seem a bit heavy but they are heavy duty also nightforce rings also look pretty nice, also a larue QD mount should be something to consider. As far as stocks go I think pretty much anything is better then the crappy stocks remington supply's I would love to get a accuracy international but I'm running a H&S precision and I like it except the lack of a cheek weld but a little foam and a hornady cheek pad fixed that

Tim K
04-13-2013, 07:02
If the stock is one of those flexible synthetic jobs, prone shooting with a bipod is going to be difficult. It'll flex and the stock will hit the barrel every shot ruining accuracy. You see used stocks with some regularity, so I'd recommend switching to something rigid like an HS as soon as you can swing it.

If you're truly planning to shoot long range you will want a canted scope base. 20MOA is very common. Then just mount your sope in any decent rings.

Harris is the go-to bipod for value.

04-13-2013, 16:42
I have an 700 SPS 308 and the process went like this. 1 Hated the trigger so adjusted it ( if you take the tape off the trigger housing there is a screw that will let you adjust to 1.5 pounds). Bought a jewel. 2 Took that plastic stock and bedded it (even used glass to reinforce the forearm to free float) got horizon groups. Bought a BC stock. 3 Thought I liked the Harris bipod (good product) but ditched it because I think I get more of a consistent recoil shooting off of a bag or back pack. Sometimes the legs grab and sometimes they don't. Not trying to pick on Harris because this would be the same with all bipods. I've been shooting a Elite Tactical on this rifle for a year and a half, and have no complaints. Shooting SMK in 168-175 it's good for 5/8" at 100yds. If I keep going with the upgrades the barrel would be next. Heavier, shorter, with a chamber that has a shorter throat. I went with a steel base from Badger (20moa) and rings from Burris.

04-13-2013, 17:19
If I keep going with the upgrades the barrel would be next. Heavier, shorter, with a chamber that has a shorter throat.

Why shorter? The 308 needs all the help it can get.

I just ordered a new 308 barrel for my AI. It should finish right around 28".

Good call on the Jewell.

My next step would be a new scope or a new stock.

C Ward
04-14-2013, 10:37
The SPS stocks are injection molded crap and aren't worth putting any work or money in , replace it . The forend is so flexible that shooting of anything with too much forend pressure causes it to hit the barrel and throw fliers . B&C , H&S Precision , McMillan , and Manners are all good options .

The new X Mark trigger is adjustable to a fashion but while you can get an acceptable trigger with it you'll never get a good trigger with it . The best bang for the buck in 700's is the Shilen trigger in my experience . It's a good reliable trigger at about 1/2 what a Jewell costs . I've got both and wouldn't hesitate to buy either one again .

I run the Harris bipods with the KMW podloc's on them . The Atlas is a really nice piece but once you get all the extra pieces for mounting and hieght adjustment your in it about 400 bucks , its not worth the extra cash compared to the Harris .

The 30-06 SPS has the hunting profile barrel correct ? The thin profile lighter rifles are harder to shoot well on a repeatable basis because of the recoil being more . This makes the rifle more unforgiving of errors in the fundamentals . This doesn't mean they can't shoot well just that they are harder to do it repeatably .

The scope mounts and rings are a very important part of the mix , especially on a harder recoiling rifle , if the scope doesn't stay where it is suppose to be you'll end up with shifting zero and tracking issues . Seekin's and Badger Ordnance are probably the two go to places for ring's and mounts . The Burris XTR rings are really good rings for the money also .

06 match ammo is available from Federal but your going to have to search for it so this is going to be something that you'll need to load for . There is tons of hunting ammo in 06 out there but it typically is going to be 1 MOA ammo at best and the good hunting ammo is usually as much or more money then match ammo .

Bipod bounce is a technique issue and not a gear issue . There is no reason that the rifle should not shoot as well with anything that is used to support the forend . Proper technique with a bipod is about body position and prelaoding the legs .

Good mounts and bases and a stock would be the first things I'd work on and then the trigger . A bad trigger is easier to work around than an inconsistant stock and shifting zero's .

04-14-2013, 11:58
EGW mount. Burris Xtreme for 30 mm rings and Seekins for 34 mm rings. Burris will be releasing 34 mm steel rings soon. All reasonably priced.

04-14-2013, 18:06
Lots of good advice here, atlas is the top of the line, but I currently have the Harris BRMS with a KMW pod loc. I started with an HS precision too, good stock as well. I'm in AICS 2.0 now and love it. I also have Seekins rings and base, not cheap, but worth the money

04-14-2013, 18:34
EGW 20 moa base , will still allow a 100 yard zero with most scopes and helps in getting you out there . Can't go wrong with Badger or Seekins rings . Check the Hide , there are all ways rings in the classifieds .