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  1. What to put in the smoker this weekend?

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  2. New Member From Lake George

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    Howdy. Was just out your way on Sunday.

    Know any good spots for turkey hunting? If so please PM me.
    I sent you a pm not to sure if I did it right but yeah I know some spots
  3. The post whore thread.

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    this is CAKE TOWNNNN
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  4. Drones & Stuff...

    For those interested in the drone pic I posted in the "Post A Picture" forum...

    I've been wanting a drone for a long time. I got the Karma with Hero6 camera even though there are some nice drones out there with some features the Karma doesn't have (like obstacle avoidance) in that price range. But no other brand comes close to offering the cool accessories and mounts and such that GoPro does.

    The Karma bundle I got includes the drone, GoPro Hero6 camera, really ...

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  5. So You Wanna Move Out of State?

    It's no secret that my wife and I moved from Colorado to Idaho last year. Apparently a lot of you are thinking of moving, too. I've had several forum members contact me regarding my moving experience, how I like Idaho and for other information related to the move. That's why I wanted to detail some of what we went through in hopes in might help some of you that are thinking about it but don't know where to start. I know it's only if you care to but keep in mind these are our experiences...yours ...
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