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  1. Let's Blame The Tools -or- And All The Kings Horses & Men Couldn't Put Humpty Together Again

    I'll apologize now for all of the reposting from Facebook.

    After Friday's horrific school shooting in Connecticut, my 23 year old daughter impressed me with a post she made to her Facebook page (quoted for your reference below) regarding the shooting and it's fallout.

    Keeping to my promise in my first blog post to share with you my rants and raves, I'm posting her post, a couple of responses she received from others and my 2 responses.

    The good news is that ...
  2. Aging

    As I see it, we have a simple choice of destinies (which really isn't our choice to make): We either grow older, or we die. I only wish that somewhere along the way (preferably in my youth) someone had pulled me aside and said "Son, you may have to get older, but you don't have to get old". Such sage advice might have saved me from all of the constant aches and pains in this 47 year old body. I'm dealing with the pain of old high school football injuries and painful knees and back ...
  3. oh no

    Please tell me this is disabled for Ronin.....
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  4. Wait.... ANYONE CAN BLOG?!?!?!

    Where is post whore monger Mike???
  5. Zip Gun - Modular .22LR


    Sounds interesting and at $200, if thats what it really sells for, its pretty cheap. However, it seems a little gimmicky. And with swapping out the sights (top rail), I kind of wonder what kind of accuracy it has.

    I for one definitely do NOT see a member of SWAT throwing one on their SBR and using it as a backup to their main weapon.[/QUOTE] ...
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