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    How much sleep are you losing over that handful of unpaid bills you forgot years ago? Creditors called and called and then threatened to ruin you forever, but in the end the calls stopped and the bills seemed to fall off your radar and maybe even your credit report. You figured they were dead and gone, right?

    Well, don't look now but "They're baaack... ," and not in a good zombie-movie kind of way! Aptly termed "zombie debt",
  2. Ginsue's Rant's, Rave's, and Wondering Thoughts

    Several times over the last couple of years we've had folks ask us about setting up some sort of blogging capability. Your wish has been granted.

    Many of you know that I can be a bit long-winded and certainly spend some time up on my soapbox so now I have the proper tool to do that instead of clogging up the main site.

    Let me start of my blogging with an expalnation of the PROPER way to pronounce my user name. "Ginsue" is pronounced with a HARD "G", ...
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