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  1. Mazin's Avatar
    Nice video!
    You are correct you can't exceed 400' in Altitude, you can't fly over people, you can't fly at night, you cant fly from a moving vehicle etc. Now if you get the sUas rating you can apply for wavers for all the stuff you cant do except the 400' ceiling. You might also want to learn the different classification of airspace. There are a lot of nice farms out there that you can map too if you get you sUAS rating and make some nice money doing it. The hardware and software isn't cheap but its a new market and there's tons of possibilities from agricultural mapping and spraying, S&R, Real estate photography etc.

    Have fun and just remember the ground is hard
  2. Bailey Guns's Avatar
    Flew it again today and learned how to take video. Not good video. Pretty much just how to control the camera. It kinda freaks me out to take my eyes off the drone. It was a bit breezy and when it compensates for the wind the motors make different noises and I don't trust myself or the Karma just yet. It'll get easier as I get a little more stick time under my belt. You can see the trees moving in the last 30 seconds or so of the video.

    Just a quick takeoff and flight over the house. A few lessons:

    1) If you're going to orbit, orbit in a wide radius...don't just sit over the house and spin around. Makes me dizzy watching it.

    2) When panning with the camera, do it slowly.

    Anyway, here's the first video:

  3. theGinsue's Avatar
    Thanks for sharing. Lots of good information and advice.

    We'll be waiting to see some short video clips once you get the flying all figured out.
  4. OtterbatHellcat's Avatar
    Yep..thanks for sharing your experience. I'll be doing this type of thing within a year from now I believe.

    Congrats on it working out for you in the end, that's cool.
  5. thedave1164's Avatar
    Well done
  6. Cman's Avatar
    Thanks for the details as this is a move we are seriously considering.
  7. GilpinGuy's Avatar
    Good stuff Carl.

    I have heard the same advice about hiring a moving company from others as well. I won't think twice about that.
  8. Jumpstart's Avatar
    "Government isn't the answer to our problems, government is the problem." Ronald Reagan
  9. theGinsue's Avatar
    Good info. Thanks for sharing.