1. Have we lost our Patriotism?

    I felt this really deserved to be a blog too!

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    It seems today that I hear more and more stories about our veterans being used and abused. I hear more and more stories about placing a higher value on illegal aliens as the future of our country while kicking our veterans to the curb. The latest budget deal has me seriously questioning whether or not our country has lost its patriotism.

    I just spent 1 week in Pearl Harbor with 8 survivors for the 72nd commemoration of the
  2. Let's Blame The Tools -or- And All The Kings Horses & Men Couldn't Put Humpty Together Again

    I'll apologize now for all of the reposting from Facebook.

    After Friday's horrific school shooting in Connecticut, my 23 year old daughter impressed me with a post she made to her Facebook page (quoted for your reference below) regarding the shooting and it's fallout.

    Keeping to my promise in my first blog post to share with you my rants and raves, I'm posting her post, a couple of responses she received from others and my 2 responses.

    The good news is that ...
  3. Aging

    As I see it, we have a simple choice of destinies (which really isn't our choice to make): We either grow older, or we die. I only wish that somewhere along the way (preferably in my youth) someone had pulled me aside and said "Son, you may have to get older, but you don't have to get old". Such sage advice might have saved me from all of the constant aches and pains in this 47 year old body. I'm dealing with the pain of old high school football injuries and painful knees and back ...
  4. Ginsue's Rant's, Rave's, and Wondering Thoughts

    Several times over the last couple of years we've had folks ask us about setting up some sort of blogging capability. Your wish has been granted.

    Many of you know that I can be a bit long-winded and certainly spend some time up on my soapbox so now I have the proper tool to do that instead of clogging up the main site.

    Let me start of my blogging with an expalnation of the PROPER way to pronounce my user name. "Ginsue" is pronounced with a HARD "G", ...