Where do we go from here?

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For too long we have heard the rumors and rumblings of the death of the Constitution. How much must we endure. How many drone strikes on Americans will it take to awaken the beast?

You can have your computer or phone taken and searched just for being within 100 miles of the border. Where is the justice in that? DHS knows better than you because we are at war! Comply!

Your phones are already at risk of being hacked. Your speech is already silenced. The press is not truly free any longer.

Have we not endured enough? Who will be the patriot that stands his ground first? No one wants to be that guy, but we need someone to be That Guy!
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  1. Sawin's Avatar
    Don't worry Bruce, the further down the rabbit hole this country continues to fall, the more and more patriots you'll start seeing step up. Go to the rally's, and write your reps. Most importantly, vote. It's just a shame we have to witness the decline and deal with the societal and moral decay our country used to value.
  2. zteknik's Avatar
    Unfortunately it won't take just one person or group.The'll just write them off as lunitics.
    The more and more We The People get squeezed sooner or later WE will pop like a big zit!!

    More and more people are getting on the same page.But it's going to take The People en masse to do anything,or to get through.
    We have to hit them where it hurts the most-In their pockets! Fire them!!
    They should come up with legislation and make it stick for term limits.