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Do you oppose Senate Bill 13-195? If so, why?

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The topic of mandatory vs voluntary training comes up from time to time on the forum. We have folks on one side who are "scared" and "feel" the government should be responsible for mandating training standards for concealed carry. We have the other side who thinks government is part of the problem, not the answer.

To all of you on the "untrained people who carry are scary" side, this is for you (copied from the Legislation and Politics forum):

FFS. We've beaten this topic to death in this forum. Here's the bottom line as I see it:

No one is arguing against permit holders obtaining voluntary training to improve their knowledge and skills. The argument is between those who want the training to be voluntary and those who want mandated training standards set by bureaucrats like Evie Hudak and John Morse and Rhonda Fields.

If you are in favor of gov't mandated training standards for people who want to defend themselves then, in my opinion, you are part of the problem we're facing here in Colorado and in the nation with gov't infringing more and more on our personal liberties. I'd suggest the democrat party is looking for folks like you.

Permit holders are not the problem regardless of the anecdotal stories of "I saw someone at the range handling a gun and they were really scary. I wish the gov't would save me from them". If you want the gov't to take care of you because personal freedom is dangerous and scary, the democrat party is looking for you.

What are you going to do when you can't pass the gov't standards? Oh, that's right. You'll have the gov't to protect you. If that's what you want, the democrat party is looking for you.

If you can't grasp the simple concept that personal freedom and liberty carries a price, if you aren't willing to pay the price, if you don't think others are worthy of the freedoms and liberties laid out in our Constitution, the democrat party is looking for you.

Goddamn, some of you people piss me off the way you talk outta both sides of your mouth about gun rights and freedom.
Now flame away.
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    "Government isn't the answer to our problems, government is the problem." Ronald Reagan