Breaking in the new (to me) PTR-91 SC

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Even before my purchase I had already been gathering a list of things that I wanted to buy for it. First off I had been researching scopes, scope mounts, and bipods.
Before I get into those it should be noted that I own a small car (read '03 VW GTI). As a result, I needed to buy a case that would fit in my trunk. After some searching I found a sturdy case from Plano worked out perfectly for what I needed. It is the Plano 36" takedown case (photo is the stock one from their website). It fits perfectly in the trunk of the car (which is the exact width of the case)
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Once I got it I started trying to figure out how to fit the rifle in it with the scope and mount I planned on getting and the Harris bipod that I had already bought. After spending a good 20 minutes of turning the rifle all around in different configurations to come up with this in the end:

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As mentioned above, I purchased a Harris bipod model HBRMS. It is 6-9", swivels, and has notched legs. Since I did not have a sling swivel on the front I bought a cheap quick release picatinny one from Amazon which required a new nut from a hardware store to retain tightness. This mod was cheaper than buying a higher priced model. As some people might notice, I had to slide the bipod back to fit it in the box, then slide it forward to use it. (Scope and mount in the next post)
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