Breaking in the new (to me) PTR-91 SC

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All was not well in my world of customization. After putting so much thought into the scope mount like making sure that it would give me enough clearance to still use the iron sights, adaptability, etc. there was an unforeseen problem. Once everything was mounted and I was checking out the fit of the rifle with the scope I discovered that I was getting more of a chin-weld than a cheek-weld.

This led me to my next purchase. From the beginning I wanted to model this rifle as closely to the MSG-91 as I could on a budget. This meant I would eventually end up dropping just over $300 on the Magpul PRS stock, but I didn't have it at the time. After some debating on the need for a fully adjustable stock over getting a fixed attachment to the current stock I opted for that second option. My reasoning was simple in the end. If I spent $300+ on a fully adjustable stock I would likely never adjust it again once I got it into the position I needed it to be in for a proper cheek-weld. It is for this reason that I saved a lot of money and dropped $45 on a cheek piece made for the original stock
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It fits perfectly and put me exactly in line with the scope! As it happens, I lucked out in the height of the AR-P.E.P.R. on the factory welded rail seems to put the scope at the same height as the original claw mount. Above is the picture of my rifle in it's current state. I removed the two side rails because I don't plan on putting anything there AND I was getting dangerously close to losing knuckle skin when pulling the charging handle. With a full magazine in it, this is a 14 pound rifle... She's heavy but I love her

Slightly off the topic of my personal modifications, I'd like to take a moment to praise the people at PTR Inc. As it is somewhat known, the PTR is a stamped and welded receiver which could be produced in a garage. There are also plenty of gunsmiths out there who would be willing to weld the rail to the receiver (or in a worst case scenario, someone doing a bad welding job in their garage on it). Since I bought the gun used from a consignment gun shop I took a minute to write to PTR customer service asking when they could tell me about my particular rifle based in the serial number. They replied the next day with the year it was made, if it was a part of the dreaded trunnion issue (if it was, PTR will still repair it to the best of my knowledge under warranty), which model it originally was (YAY, the scope rail was factory on this one) and specifics of the barrel, "It has a match grade Thompson barrel with a SAAMI spec .308 chamber and Thompson's proprietary 1:12 5r rifling which reacts similarly to a standard 1:10 twist."
PTR Inc was also extremely helpful answering every one of the questions I had comparing each of the models, describing the differences, etc. They even offered to let me order one direct from the factory when none could be found on the market in the Dec/Jan time frame of this year. Of course, there was a 6-12 week wait on it.
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