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Warnings or Infraction points can given out by moderators when forum rules are violated. If you receive a warning or an infraction, you will get a PM explaining the rule you violated, and will typically include a copy of the post that caused the problem. This system allows the recipient as well as to forum staff members a future reference when determining a pattern of repeat behaviors. All warnings and infractions are shared with other moderators and with forum administration to insure our use of this system is fair and impartial.

Warnings carry no points, infractions are point-based, and automatic ban results when the maximum points are accrued. Moderators can also create a custom infraction with maximum points to create an immediate ban.

Finally, please don't "start a crusade" to get a banned member reinstated - they did it to themselves, and crusading to get them returned in open forum will do nothing more than earn you infractions too. If you have an issue with a member being banned, take it up privately with the forum Administration, don't start threads about it. Remember, this is not a democracy, and forming a posse will NOT help you or the banned member.

Infraction Points

Current Infractions include:
Missing Thread or Site Requirements = 1 point, expires 1 week(s)
Insulting Other Member(s) = 1 point, expires 10 Day(s)
Minor Rule Violation = 1 point, expires 30 Day(s)
Forum Rules Violation = 2 points, expires Never
Insulted Other Member(s) = 2 points, expires Never
Inciting or continuing a fight = 3 points, expires Never
Spammed Advertisements = 10 points, expires Never
Custom Infraction = _(Mods choose)_ points, expires _(Mods choose)_

Points accumulated = length of ban time
3 Points = 3 Day ban
5 Points = 7 Day ban
8 Points = 2 Week ban
10 Points = Permanent ban
Egregious violations (ie, threatening a mod, threatening other members with violence, illegal porn, etc) can result in an instant and permanent ban via the "custom infraction" and assigning a 10 point value.

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