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    I like the Kershaw/Emmerson knives because they are cheap and effective. You can usually find them for about $20 and at that price you can throw them away after they earn their keep. Are they as solid or high quality as a "Real" Emmerson knife? Nope. But then again they are not $200 either. You get what you pay for.

    The thing that I really like about these knives is that they are cheap enough to willingly abandon if you have to. I have taken a few of these on international trips, cruises and things like that which usually frown on knives. If it gets confiscated or I have to abandon it in an airport while traveling its not a big loss.

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    I bought one of the Kershaw Emersons last year. Mostly to try the wave. I love the idea. The 25 dollar version I got is as heavy as a brick. I'm tempted to drill some holes to lighten it up. As it is, its a tool box knife. This is the first non US mad Kershaw I've bought. A bit disappointed, but it was cheap.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ben4372 View Post
    The 25 dollar version I got is as heavy as a brick.
    I understand the real Emersons are heavy, too. Probably not the best for EDC for a lot of folks, but I don’t mind the weight. It feels, well, comforting.

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