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    Default Thank You Sean

    I'm new to this board and just want to express my thanks to Sean & Mike over at Bowers Tactical. I recently started a build on a 300BLK pistol. Since this was my first BLK so i decided to stop in and consult with Mike & Sean. They fitted a DD 10.5 In bbl into my Vltor VIS2 upper, along with a gas block, headspaced it and fitted a Ferfrans CRD.

    Long story short I went through a few days of short stroking with subsonics and some weird ftf with supers. Sean worked with me to systematically diagnose the rig and in the end it turned out that my BCG was adding just enough drag to slow the system down and introduce gremlins. I swapped out teh BCG with an AAC BCG and all is now sweet.

    Sean and Mike were patient and diligent in focusing on the problem an went out of their way to make sure I was a happy camper...

    Huge thanks to real good guys who know how to treat their customers.

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