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    Cool Precision Barrel Threading - Custom Machining Services and Pricing

    We now offer precision barrel threading and other custom machining in house.
    Single point threading with an electro-pneumatic threading head on a precision manual lathe.

    General services offered:

    1. Precision barrel threading
    2. Cutting and re-crowning
    3. Custom fit thread protectors
    4. Slide machining including RMR cuts
    5. Custom machining work so just ask

    Initial rough pricing list on threaded barrels for COAR members below however contact us for exact pricing. This does not include any sight relocation or any other services as that will be project specific.

    1. AR loose barrel threading - 75
    2. Bolt gun loose barrel - 100
    3. Bolt gun barreled action - 130
    4. Custom fit thread protectors matching barrels exact profile starting at - 80
    5. Handgun slide RMR cuts - Contact us
    6. Handgun slide cuts - Contact us
    7. Handgun barrel threading or custom extensions - Contact us
    8. Custom machine work - Contact us

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    Hello everyone! I'm DLI's machinist, and am happy to answer questions and discuss options for custom work directly. Please see the DLI official machining thread and I would ask that we keep job-specific questions to other threads or PM to avoid cluttering this sticky thread, but stuff that falls more into the FAQ category absolutely fits there!

    To start, here is an overview of our barrel threading service:


    How we thread
    We single point thread barrels using an electro-pneumatic automatic threading head on a precision manual lathe. 24 and 28 pitch threads are cut with pitch-specific (thread cresting) Kennametal Top Notch ™ carbide inserts. For all other pitches, we use Kennametal 14-40 pitch inserts. Before threading, the barrel is removed from the receiver (except some rimfire rifles), then inserted through the spindle bore on the lathe. Chamber end is centered using one of several methods & custom tools, depending on barrel. At the muzzle end, the barrel is inserted into aluminum soft jaws, which are what make contact with the steel jaws of the 8” four independent jaw chuck. Muzzles are then centered on the bore to within .0005” before we cut & thread.

    Cutting & Re-crowning
    We will cut barrels to any length desired (we will not assemble a barrel into a receiver that would be NFA length without an approved form 1 to manufacture SBR/SBS). We can do flat or recessed crowns, and will put a .010”-.020” 45° bevel at the bore unless otherwise specified. We can counterbore crowns, but it may require you purchasing a specific size reamer if we do not have that size.

    Standard Thread Profile for Rifles
    Unless otherwise specified, we will thread a length of .625” (5/8”) with a .050”-.060” undercut front and rear, and a light 45° bevel at the muzzle. You will need to specify if you want the edge of the shoulder sharp and square, lightly dehorned or beveled. We can do zero undercut if you desire, but it is strongly recommended to have a front undercut to aid in alignment and prevent thread damage, and the rear undercut ensures that muzzle devices which have no counterbore will fully seat without needing shims or washers.

    Standard Thread Profile for Handguns
    For handguns, our standard procedure is to thread a length of 1/2” with .040”-.050” undercut at the front and no undercut at the rear. This is because handgun muzzle devices seat on the muzzle, rather than on a shoulder at the base of the thread shank. Handgun barrels that do not offer enough length to thread 1/2” will be threaded for as much shank as we can manage.

    Threading Options for Rifles
    We can do RH imperial threads in 12, 14, 16, 18, 20, 24, 27, 28, 32, 40, 48 & 56 pitch. Standard muzzle threads are 1/2”-28 for rimfire and .224 caliber centerfire, 5/8”-24 for .244-375 caliber, and 3/4”-20 for big bore rifles. However, some rifles may not have large enough barrel diameter to use the standard pitches, so we may need to deviate. Ideally, you want at least .050” shoulder for muzzle devices (especially suppressors) to seat on, meaning a 5/8-24 threaded muzzle should have a barrel shoulder diameter of at least .725”. If there is not enough material to achieve that shoulder with a thread size & pitch that leaves at least .100” wall thickness, we will have to ask you to sign a waiver stating that you understand the risk of insufficient shoulder causing baffle strikes in a suppressor and/or bore growth at the crown due to insufficient wall thickness.

    Threading Options for Handguns
    Handguns operate at lower pressures, so the wall thickness concerns present with rifles are much less an issue with handgun rounds. Threading of extended handgun barrels can be done in any pitch which leaves enough “meat” to take the forces imparted by the inertia of a suppressor attached to a recoiling handgun. Where pistols for which extended barrels are not available are concerned, we may be able to offer threaded extension services. This will be on a case-by-case basis, and some pistols may require permanent modifications to the barrel bushing and/or slide for this option. Threaded extensions will be custom and specific to that firearm, diameters and pitches chosen at our discretion. Material for extensions will be 4140/4142HT chromoly steel, 416 stainless steel or 17-4 stainless steel.

    Custom Fit Thread Protectors
    We are able to offer custom thread protectors made to your specifications. Truly “Seamless” thread protectors must be machined with the barrel, and will require refinishing of the barrel. Nearly seamless protectors (.001”-.002” over barrel diameter) can be fitted without the need for barrel refinishing.
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