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    Quote Originally Posted by Blowby View Post
    Chamber and fit a new 6.5 Creedmore barrel on a Rem 700 trued action? Might bump this chamber before swapping to a new one. Can you provide these services?
    Yes as I have everything for .308 and 6.5 creed on order. We can talk about turn around time when you swing in.
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    Wanted to update everyone on some of the changes over the last few months.

    As you all know, Tim has opened a second location for retail. In addition to that, I became an 07 FFL myself so that I could do all of our smithing at my own facility, which is more convenient and also better tooled, since I do precision machine work well beyond firearms. I have 3 lathes and and a fully outfitted Lagun FTV2 knee mill; on these machines, there's little we can't handle, although none of my machines are equipped for metric threading at the moment, since there's not much call for it.

    At any rate, barrel threading is still one of the primary services we offer, since suppressor sales have been brisk. Our goal is to beat all the competition, including ADCO. Barreled actions of bolt guns starting at $120, with additional services offered, such as custom collars to provide a shoulder, allowing larger threads on skinny sporter barrels. That service allows us to thread a barrel with a major diameter just .015" smaller than barrel diameter (for example, I can thread a .640" diameter barrel 5/8-24 using a collar).

    We can also thread most handgun barrels. If the barrel is not extended, we do this by making a custom fitted extension. On larger calibers, this may require slide modification (ADCO and many smiths won't even do .40 & .45 pistols). This service is highly variable, but figure on $150-$200.

    Threading is now done on my Hardinge HCT with an auto threading unit, which produces thread quality equal to CNC machines. A few jobs have to be done on my larger lathe, which is more conventional. I made a custom steady rest and giant spider specifically to be able to thread barrels which cannot or should not be removed from receivers, or which have features that do not allow them to fit through the spindle of my Hardinge. Most shops would have to thread such barrels by turning between centers, but that method does not allow you to align the bore axis to the shoulder and tenon, which can result in baffle strikes. It may not sound too complicated, but the machine required to do this is a 4,000 pound 17 x 60" lathe. One could not do what I do on something like a Grizzly G4003G "gunsmith" lathe.

    Though we still only have a handful of chamber reamers, we can take on your custom project with a new or used receiver and unchambered barrel blank. If it's a chambering we don't have a reamer for, the turn around time is a little slower, as we'll have to buy or rent it. If you would like to see an example of a finished job, stop by Tim's retail store and check out the Deviant action with a Proof Research carbon fiber barrel on display.

    We are doing micro reflex cuts in auto pistols, can do straight, single radius or double radius (depending on the sight). Price varies by gun and sight, but starting at around $60. Some slides cannot be milled & drilled, but we do our best to handle everything that comes through the door.

    If you have any further questions, contact myself or Tim, or just stop by his shop in Elizabeth.

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