2017 Colorado Rifle Club Toys-4-Tots 2 Gun Match Results

We had a great turn out for a good cause and the weather was beautiful. Not quite the 40 + that Paul gets up at the Cheyenne North Pole but 12 is still a good showing for this match.

This was the first time shooting a “competition” for some of these folks and I really hope everyone had a good time. Pete made up some tasty “polish” chili for Après Shoot and that really hit the spot.

We plan on holding another one of these “2 Gun” matches at CRC in the Spring and a Fall “2 Gun” match at Buffalo Creek.

I wish everyone a MERRY CHRISTMAS and a HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

Match Results - Max Score - 275
Dan H – 272 “Match Winner”
Andy S - 263
Pete J - 223
Jason D - 217
Todd F - 217
Dan G - 199
Peter H - 194
Jonathon B - 190
Mick M - 174
Mike S - 134
Scott W - 56
Adrienne A - 48