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    I think the CAD thing comes down to how much time you use it. I go in spurts where I get a bug and I start doing three different prints of things. I use TinkerCad online. It is amazing what you can do when you spend a couple of hours with it on something. The problem is that I then go three months with nothing done and I get rusty.

    Tinkercad is the simple draw things easily and then subtract from them. It has basic and some complex shapes in it- and you can get some pretty complex models out of it. My main issue is that it is more qualitative than quantitative. If the whole thing I'm working on is in Tinkercad, I can get everything to line up. If it engages in something in the real world and needs precise dimensions and placement of things like holes- that is an issue, at least for me.

    I will say, that the first time you have a problem and you get out your calipers and CAD something up, print it and it works- that is a pretty sweet feeling.
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    That is neat - I started to look at tinker cad tonight....was thinking of making a 1" npt to 3/4" SH adapter. After a bit of puttering and you tube watching I bought said parts from Amazon.

    That sort of part would be perfect to make on a 3d-printer - petg material would work fine. So when the part comes in; I will mic it to and start playing again in the cad software.
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