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    That sounds like a fun rifle, yeah suhls are a pain to find but I’ve seen a handful for sale the last couple of years, my opinion is if you want a nice nostalgic fantastic shooter then suhls are great but if you’re going to rebarrel it and put it in a different stock anyway then you might as well get a good used Anschutz 54. I’ve also always wanted to find a decent Vostok ural (the one with the locking lugs on the bolt) as for somewhat more affordable I’ve been playing with the idea of finding a decent Schultz and Larsen m70. (Also probably going to rebarrel a spare savage mkii with an m70 barrel one of these days for fun) the only gripe I have with most precision .22 rifles is that there’s nothing in the budget price range for lefties, my sons a lefty and is just going into 4p class for 4h so I had to mount an 11mm rail on a left handed savage for an Anschutz sight also the only heavy barreled left hand savages are stainless with hunting type thumbhole stocks and for whatever reason thumbholes are not allowed for Colorado 4h. Well that lefty savage will probably get a new barrel after a season and I’ll probably make an adjustable stock for it.
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    Welcome to the club.

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