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    ^ This. Once I'm hunting it stays in my hands and rarely sees my shoulder.

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    I use the Brownells Latigo sling for my hunting rifles. They can be quickly and easily adjusted to any length you desire.

    This allows me to pull it tight when I'm sitting or walking with it unslung. This keeps the swivels from making any noise. When I want to sling my rifle I just pull down on the outer part of the sling to the length I need and up it goes.

    My packs have full padded shoulder straps with mount points, not just a thin nylon strap like many packs I see. I have cases attached to each of the straps at my breast - one for my radio and one for my GPS. To keep my rifle on my shoulder without slipping, I put the sling towards the center of my chest, whichever side I sling on has a case to catch the sling and hold it, keeping it from slipping off.

    I still use the first Latigo sling I installed back in '93 (I've used it almost every year since then). It's held up amazingly and doesn't slip loose when I don't want it to.
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    I like the concept of that latigo

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    It's a simple thing but I like a sling with a thumb loop. Your hand is always on the sling but it's comfortable. You don't have to squeeze to hold it. Yet your holding it in place or you can get ready for a shot quick. Not the end all be all but it helps.

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    I've been using the Sinclair Montana Sling from Brownells for around the past 10 years. Very fast to adjust the length/tension for shooting positions or adjusting to fit clothing. While it can still slip off your shoulder, you just have to hold on if that's how you carry it. I mainly use the sling for shooting positions. Another good sling if you're concerned with carrying it and slipping off your shoulder, is the "Claw" sling with rubber on it.

    Montana Sling:

    Claw Sling:
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    I have something like the Claw. I was able to make little slits in the ribbing and now it holds my primers for my muzzleloader as well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DFBrews View Post
    Hiked many a mile in and out of black timber. I carry my m77 7mm ~7 lbs in the crook of my off hand. If you hold it close to the body little fatigue. If your arm gets tired stop take 5 and glass. They can see better than you can.
    Quote Originally Posted by jslo View Post
    ^ This. Once I'm hunting it stays in my hands and rarely sees my shoulder.
    +1, slings are for hiking.
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    Default Hunting with a sling

    I prefer to hike and *stalk* with the rifle muzzle down and secured in a muzzle cup mounted to the pack hip belt, while the rifle’s stock is secured to a cross-sternum strap. I keep a ‘tactical length’ sling on all long guns rather than the ‘hunter length’ single shoulder traditional sling.

    When the rifle is attached to the pack, it is sling over my neck, but there is no tension on the sling at all. The entire weight of the rifle is riding on the chassis of the pack.

    -Rifle balances the pack weight
    -load is carried on the hips NOT shoulder
    -rifle is held TIGHT to the body
    -rifle is protected from abuse by riding in front, midline of body
    -shooting position is assumed by removing a single snap/buckle (faster than mounting from a single shoulder sling in any position)

    -Confuses Fudds
    -threatens old men who don’t know what they are doing
    -requires pack modification
    -promotes hunting with ‘military grade, fully semi-automatic rifles’

    I developed my strap system and carry method over the course of running the Sniper Adventure Challenge 3 times. If it’s comfy to hike 30 continuous miles off trail in a day, it will work for a 10mile hunting day.

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    My buddy from Alaska turned me on to a sling similar to the one below - can't remember the brand I have.
    Rifle always at the ready, rifle weight in front offsets pack weight in rear, can't fall off shoulder, carry muzzle up or down
    Just an awesome sling for stalking. - "Rifle Sling 'Driven Hunt'" model

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