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    Like Denver, El Paso has been slammed with those seeking a permit, said Joe Roybal, spokesman for the sheriff’s department.

    From Jan. 2 to Feb. 22, 2012, there were 461 permits processed, Roybal said. In that same time span this year, 1,304 permits were processed, he said.

    Despite the appointments, Roybal said the department works in a timely manner.

    We are very sensitive to the 90-day waiting period,” he said.

    It's not a waiting period you doofus.
    My Feedback

    Originally Posted by TFOGGER : Liberals only want things to be "fair and just" if it benefits them.
    Originally posted by Zundfolge: The left only supports two "rights"; Buggery and Infanticide.
    Originally posted by roberth: List of things Government does best; 1. Steal your money 2. Steal your time 3. Waste the money they stole from you. 4. Waste your time making you ask permission for things you have a natural right to own.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Big E3 View Post
    At least dirt bags have another group of guaranteed unarmed people to accost on their way to and from the theater. Oh well, another place I'll never go again.

    The same reason I gave up my Rockies season tickets. When I quit renewing my Rockies tickets and they called to ask why. After I explained the metal detectors, he said “You’re afraid of being attacked in Coors field”. I said, “No you expect me to walk the streets to and from Coos Field unarmed”. I told him I would come back if they provide a place to lock up my gun during the game. He didn't have an answer and hung up.
    Lol I bet you scared him shitless.
    Disclaimer: I can't spell.

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    Quote Originally Posted by buffalobo View Post
    Your evidence is pretty weak due to being old and outdated. Denver may still be intentionally slow issuing but that still does not make your statement true. Any evidence that "Denver won't issue"?
    Like I said, it was my recollection. I was born in Denver in the late 70s. Lived in Aurora, Denver, Parker, and how the Ranch. I have seen a lot of anti-gun bullshit. It was a factor in my decision to leave Denver (again) in 2006. If it weren't for the anti-gun BS I might still live there.

    You think the leadership/values have completely rolled over in 15 years? It's gotten worse! And it absolutely matters because the only support for CCW in Denver is external to Denver.

    I should have qualified my comment.

    Quote Originally Posted by buffalobo View Post
    Sorry Skip, not trying to beat you up but your statement was too far out there. I agree completely with rest of your original post.

    We all know Denver's rulers do not want us to be armed at all in any way.

    I personally think the changes at Buell are driven as much by production companies who bring these shows as by local morons who book them.
    The Buell is owned by the City of Denver. This was part of my outrage and agreement. What good is "shall issue" when the City can ban CCW in public spaces? How is this different from a city owned park, or even a public road?


    If anyone thinks Denver would be issuing CCW absent shall issue (2003), Heller, McDonald, and the continued threat of litigation, they need their head examined. The Shitty Council just passed a mag ban more strict (no grandfathering) than the state ban and bump stock ban!
    Fuckin' liberals...

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