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Thread: Bicycle carry

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    When I go biking, what I have been doing is to carry my gun just behind my hip. It kind of sticks out but you can tie a shirt around your waist over it or snap a small fanny pack over it and stick your ID in there. My kids tell me you can't see it. 🙂

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    +10 for Hill People Gear Kit Bags

    I'll add some thoughts:

    FWIW, I have a 41" chest and felt that the "Original" sized are too large (wide) when riding motorcycles and bicycles, in the same way I don't like a large PC with large SAPI plates... I bought a "Heavy Recon" and a "Snubby Kit Bag - Original Pattern", and after a couple rides using each kept the Snubby. I've also used it with my bigger packs when backpacking, depending on what the shoulder straps are like on any pack or hydration carrier you run, it may/may not be better to run the included harness instead of affixing to pack shoulder straps. Add'l advantage to using the included harness is it's still on me when the pack comes off.

    I'm able to easily carry my Glock 29/30 or LCR. Look here for more examples of what fits the "Snubby" sized bags:

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