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    Quote Originally Posted by longrange2 View Post
    Hitting a slide stop is a fine motor skill.
    It's no finer a motor skill than pulling a trigger is. Unless you're willing to tell me you're going to lose all that trained muscle memory from your pointer finger, than it's quite a jump to claim you'll lose the trained muscle memory in your thumb.

    Point is, both are valid when practiced.


    I've been dry firing the P365 a lot with the laser cartridge. I love this thing. The sights are bright and the front dot BIG. It points effortlessly. The trigger is clean. The grip texture is nice too. No need to stipple this thing. It's not so comfortable on bare skin on your side.

    First trip to the range. After 200 rounds, I expected my hand to not be too happy like most micro compacts, but I could have kept shooting all day comfortably.

    150 rounds Blazer Brass 9mm 115g were flawless. Slow and rapid fire.

    50 rounds Hornady Critical Duty were flawless as well.

    Pic is 10 rounds from 7 yards standing. 1 per second. I think the left leaning group is my fault and not the sights being off. I'll need to spend some time figuring out how much finger to use on the trigger on this small gun. Hence the dry firing with the laser.

    The only issue I had was reloads. The mag release just barely sticks up...hardly at all. It's not easy to push. Also, the mags tended to kinda get hung up in my palm and pinky. I needed to loosen my grip a bit around my pinky to get it to drop. The slide release worked great

    5 shots from 16 yards, standing. The wind caught the high one .

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