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    I am happy that you got it back.

    I really like my Browning 9mm. This my old one that I used to win the first Put Up or Shut Up.
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    Glad it worked out! My Hi-Power is happy for your Hi-Power.

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    Count your blessings and buy lottery tickets this weekend. You were very lucky.
    Change you can take to the bank(rupt).

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    Interesting thread for sure. Watching as it unfolded, wondering the outcome.
    This story ends here with an amicable ending for "you" but could be the start of another interesting story for the other party involved.
    We will probably never know.
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    Now that you have your pistol back, don't be a stranger here. We always enjoy having new people on the forum!
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    Having been to the range with her, now, I think I understand his hesitancy to return it. The sights are wrong, and it would be my guess that he didn't know what to do to fix it, or was to embarrassed to admit his mistake.

    When I decided that I wanted to go to fiber optic sights ( my eyesight ain't what it used to be), knowing that the slide needed to be welded, repaired, and then re-cut for the dovetails, it originally had only a staked front and basic rear. What we have determined here, is that the LPA sights he got to put on it would have been good, if he had machined the newly remanufactured slide correctly! However in an attempt to make the rear sight fit into, rather than onto the top of the slide, he machined a platform into the slide and then dovetailed down from there. End result, the rear sight is about .10 - .15 inches too low, therefore, the front sight is too tall! Result? At 7 -10 yards, the POI is almost 3" too low, even with the rear adjusted all the way up.

    Now I've ordered a new front sight that my local smith determined would be the appropriate height, with a very cool program Dawson Precision has on their site, and as soon as it comes in, I'll update you on how it works.

    Other than the sights issue, the weapon functions perfectly, has a nice sub 4 lb pull, and the beauty is growing on me. I really like it! Now a new set of grips to accent the frame colors, and I'll be ready to go!

    Thanks for you interest, and remember, Gun Control is being able to know when to shoot, and then being able to hit what you aim at!

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    Thanks for the range report! Glad to hear it's back in your hands where it belongs. Hopefully your local smith will be able to get it all worked out for you.

    Happy shooting!
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    Finally glad to open a thread like this that has a happy ending. Congrats! This goes with out saying, but pretty cool we have some guys that took personal time to help a complete stranger out.
    One man can change the world... with enough ammunition.

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    Love a happy ending. Or at least not a sad one. Hopefully if any of us poor folks here in Colorado need a favor from someone in Texas ya’ll will have our backs.

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