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    Oh neat, is that an actual Spikes Compressor? Has the wrapped gas tube on it. How many rounds have you run through it so far and what has reliability been?

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    So far it's been 100% but it came with the tax stamps in December. I'm going out again this weekend doing some load development on it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Wolfshoon View Post
    Wow, is that actually a can or Noveske k3 flame pig? What is the barrel length and is it 5.56? That is one of the shortest rifle caliber AR's I've seen, very compact package there, nice job.
    It's odder then that. It is a 7.5" Noveske barrel profiled for the Ops M4S, back when John used to be willing to do that sort of thing. I heard over and over again how such a rifle would never work, or how I'd need a pigtail gas tube, etc... But it all went together perfectly and has run incredibly well for almost a decade now. It's loud though, suppressed or not.

    Same gun wearing an Ops 15:
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    Okay....I went with the ALG handguard in the end (probably would have done the Strike, but it was out of stock everywhere). Just picked it up and it looks fantastic. I've still got the old handguard in case I really hate the heat, so I can still go back if I need to.

    Time to get to loading 300AAC subs now.

    Pictures coming soon, but I'm happy.

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