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    I don't think showing up to shoot is winging it. The match directors will never make a new shooter go first on a stage and will usually match you up with people that are willing to help, in a squad that isn't going to get frustrated with a new shooters.

    And most matches have a new shooter orientation prior to the start to go over rules and safety.

    Each stage has a walkthrough and more experienced shooters will go through first giving the new shooters an opportunity to see how it's done. The shoots I've been to are very patient and aren't going to rush you. You can truly walk the stage shooting at your speed if you want. Seriously easy peasy.

    Now if you want to become a competitor, yes, coaching would be beneficial. But if you just want to go have some fun, get your Nikes on and Just Do It.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hollohas View Post
    I don't think showing up to shoot is winging it.
    I think "Show up and shoot" is always the answer. People at matches are usually really good people and everyone in my experience is ready to help. After 1 or 2 matches you will be more able to absorb meaningful training.
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    Thanks for all the information guys. I will head out to a few and watch to see what’s going on then jump in or get in on a class

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