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How many days into the season will you decide to open up your options on lesser males?
That's a good question. I'm thinking with 14 days to hunt, I might take a younger bull at 10 or 11 days, and be thankful. I'm working to make contacts with private landowners for permission to hunt their properties, and with friends and people I meet to relay info about bulls they see. Maybe that will pay off.

Even though I'm pretty strong and in decent shape my limitation is more than age (67). Like Rondog I have multiple spinal issues with acute pain, so it's pretty hard on me to go long distance. Several days of 2-5 mile walks can be killer. But I'm going to tough it out, and hopefully find a good bull not too far from a road. A couple fellows have offered to help me pack meat if they can. Lots of things could happen to influence the outcome. I will persevere and hope for the best.

Today I walked ~1.5 miles at 10,700 ft. Didn't happen to see a moose. I have to practice moose calling.