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    Quote Originally Posted by StagLefty View Post
    Yep I keep telling Ginsue to knock before barging in.
    Sure, you weren't laughing before...we were both really embarassed by what I saw. As I recall, I even vomitted a bit.

    I received a trouble ticket at work yesterday from one of my users who complained about "significant latency getting into websites [no, not this site] using Chrome". My response to this ticket, and to all of you is the same: QUIT USING CHROME!

    Google's Chrome is doing a LOT of stuff behind the scenes that you don't want to even think about, among which is data mining. To you, the end user, it's a good browser. To Google it is a valuable tool that is obtaining more user data. This doesn't even cover the fact that Chrome was recently hacked, putting your personal data and viewing habits into the hands of folks even less scrupulous than Google (hard to believe, but it's possible).

    If you don't like using IE, and who does anymore?, consider using Mozilla Firefox or for our Apple(Mac) users, Safari. But I can't stress enough the problems with using Chrome.
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    Chrome isn't even on the approved list where I work due to its various issues.

    I have no idea why anyone uses Chrome.

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    Maybe it's just one of the 2 google javascripts that load on every page of this site? They could just be loading anything they would like.

    Take a look at the source code.
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