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    Quote Originally Posted by Great-Kazoo View Post
    News? There's no mention of it in any media outlet on line. Guess those reporting todays news were too emotionally distraught, to get close enough to interview anyone. Syria and some 42 yr old mom of 4 wanting a shot at NFL cheerleader is more news ready.
    It was on Fox News

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    9news had a brief coverage of in in both the 5pm and the 10pm news. Very quick with no mention of numbers just "A Crowd".. Other than a few Libtards talking from their cars I did not see any other form of counter protest.. some searches reveal other local stories but nothing mentioned on the national level..

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    Had a family issue come up and could not make it. I went on line to Bing and found 1 article about 45 cities nation wide had some level of participation. I went to the Yahoo "Inquirer" and they did not mention it anywhere on front page. I did count the number of stories on the Bigassians and there were exactly 19 stories on page 1 involving Kardashians and 11 throwing Trump under the bus, so nothing new. A family member was giving me some crap about not going to the rally, I told him I will be rallying at the voting booth in November.
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    Just like the left that we all make fun of, these kinds of "protests" do nothing. Unless you're donating big-time or a significant business (same thing), you don't mean squat to any politician.

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    Nearly 200 gather for Second Amendment rally


    April 14, 2018 02:16 PM
    Updated April 14, 2018 06:38 PM

    An estimated 200 or so people gathered on the steps of the Idaho Capitol on Saturday afternoon for the Americans for America rally, an assembly of individuals wanting to show support for the Second Amendment.

    The event was held nationwide; Idaho’s rally was organized by The Real 3%ers of Idaho. Saturday’s speakers included Idaho congressional candidate Russ Fulcher.
    I couldn't make it because of work...only one on-call. It also got brief coverage on the local news channel here.

    Picture of a guy from the rally inside the capital building (from the Redoubt News FB page):

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    One kind of funny thing happened a few times at the Denver rally. As I said, we got the middle finger from a few younger guys. To put an exclamation point on their protest, a few gunned their engines and sped through the intersection at 8th. The funny thing is they were (it seems) always driving something like a subaru wagon, a leaf, or some other environmentally sensitive form of virtue signalling. When they "gunned it" in many cases you couldn't hear anything, or at best a wimpy slow acceleration. More than a few of the pro-2A people who drove by had significant lifted pickups with equally significant engines that *roared* when pushed! Was fun to get such vocal affirmation!!!
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    I was pretty surprised at the number of positive honks there. Thought we would surely get panned.

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