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    Default Is the Tanner show decent for middle and higher end knives?

    I know it’s great for jerky and beanie babies, and that gun prices are typically meh, but I’d like to get my hands on a Hinderer and try some other brands in the $150+ range to see what they are like.

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    If you are a bit educated, its okay. I went to Tanner last month. 1st time in a couple years. The trip a couple years ago had junk "handmade" knives that looked Pakistani. His name was electric penciled onto blade.

    This trip was much better. A true handmade guy from Colorado. Had nice stuff. Nice guys, fair prices, in the $150-400 ish range. Another guy had a bunch of autos and mass produced nicer knives. Near the far back right as you come in. He had good selection, knowledgeable.

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