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    Quote Originally Posted by Hoser View Post
    Many years ago I ordered an action from Surgeon with a 223 and 308 bolt. I am *still* waiting on that 223 bolt. Its ok though, I sold the action once I started getting the runaround from those knuckleheads.
    I can understand that. Thats what I tend to do also, start messing around and screwing me over and I'll just sell the shit and move on to someone else. I did it with Dodge on a diesel truck, they started screwing around with me so I just sold the truck, went across the street and bought a different truck! I haven't had that experience with Surgeon yet, and the bolt I just bought it from a private seller who had it in hand and brand new. On another note, if you do ever get that .223 bolt I could use it. HAHA! Just messing with you.

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    8 twist will work just fine with the 180s . Both the cartridges work fine , the SAUM has slightly more case capacity than the WSM but brass availability is crap most of the time . Going to a 7/300 WSM takes care of the case capacity issue and brass is slightly more available .

    Best I can say about Surgeon is it's not the same company now as it was when Preston was the owner and running the show . Defiance would be my first choice now .

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    Quote Originally Posted by smchop View Post
    One thing I never understood was building a WSM or SAUM and having to use a long action. Whats the point? I mean I get it and why but you just cancelled out the whole reasons of the benefits of that cartridge. I agree on the Norma, but barrel life is still a concern for me.

    But you don't, you actualize the potential of the cartridge, which is greater than that of a win Mag or Rem Mag due to the efficiency of the case design (hence 180's at 3150 fps) that and not having to deal with belted brass.

    Cramming the bullets into the case to fit in a short action is cutting it's nuts by a lot. Will it work, yes but it's not at it's best. .284 win is very similar, it works in a Short action but is at it's best in a long action. Also consider that the cartridges were designed around the lighter end of the weight for caliber bullets, which are a lot shorter and thereby don't suck up the case capacity like the big bullets do.

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