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Thread: MP5 magazines

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    Apparently KCI has a 2nd Generation MP-5 magazine out now.
    I am no longer able to restock with the original KCI MP-5 mags that we have been selling.
    Unfortunately the "Gen 2's" are wholesale priced higher than the RETAIL of the previous magazines (and they want me to buy 500 at a time)
    APEX Gun Parts has a few H&K factory MP-5 mags on hand and is expecting a delivery of an assortment of 9MM & .40 cal kits new week.
    We don't have any 15 round mags for those guns, so not much we can supply to Colorado.

    APEX Gun Parts
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    Quote Originally Posted by DOC View Post
    Where can we get them cheap?
    A) HK MP5/HK94 magazine

    B) Cheap

    -select A or select B.

    I bought two HK94A3's 25 years ago and the mags for them were spendy even back then. I just looked at Gunbroker and the mags honestly don't seem to have gone up much at all in that time. Real HK metal mags for that platform just don't seem to come cheap. Granted, the only 15rd mags I ever had for those were the ones that came in the box with the new gun, I only ever bought the twice-as-fun variety.

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