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    Default Ruger Precision vs Ruger charger w/ brace

    Seems like some great vids below. Right now I'm struggling on such i want. Ive sold my 15-22 because i found rapid plinking at short ranges wasnt as fun as something with more recoil and blast. So I had decided to get the RPR and focus on accuracy and trigger skills. Sure there are even better .22 bolt guns but either pricey or bland but I like the rpr to go along with my .308 rpr.

    However, Id seen the mac video below and really loved it but had dismissed it due to not wanting to deal with nfa. However ordered my first cans and thinning about a 22 can. Im wondering if by going full silent Id get more love out of the suppresed charger than I did my 15-22. Choose complicated by a can being limited use since I mostly shoot indoors and so will be full ear pro due to everyone else. Its why until the sico promo I never read interested before as well as myself usually loving chest concussion so love brakes.

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    I need that brace setup for my Charger!
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