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Does IREA offer different billing options? I know APS down here believes your KwH usage is worth every penny, till you look at the options they offer. By doing some homework and talking to APS we've dropped the summer average down $45 - $50 per month.

I "think" rural power companies slam you hard, in the warmer months, as most rural homes have propane heat, stoves and driers. So come cooler weather (depending on area) their cash cow dies off.
IREA does offer "Budget billing." Not on a fixed income per se so no big deal when summer is higher.

We moved to a dual fuel range/oven so no more electric cooktop, but still the oven. We also have an electric clothes drier, water and heat on Nat Gas of course. Nat Gas is SOOOO freaking cheap to run. I heard NYC wants to ban gas stoves. LOL.

Our bill has also gotten larger thanks to the EPA and gubmint minimum "renewable sources" requirements and the fact they don't count hydro as renewable. IREA is a coop too and tried to sue their way out of it but lost (go figure.)

WTF we don't start cranking out Gen IV Nuclear power plants for the forthcoming EV tidal wave is beyond my simple mind to grasp.