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    Quote Originally Posted by DDT951 View Post
    The AG-brief that APEX posted seems to answer the question.

    Page 28-30 of the Brief

    (3) “Designed to be readily converted”
    Thus, the entire phrase “designed to be readily converted” means a magazine
    that, judged by its objective features, reveals that it is typically used in a way that
    is quickly, easily, and efficiently changed from accepting 15 rounds or fewer to more
    than 15 rounds. Applied to specific ammunition magazines, this legal standard
    easily distinguishes between those that are prohibited and those that are lawful:
    • Telescoping Magazine (see Ex. C): An expandable magazine that with
    the depression of a single tab, telescopes to a larger-capacity configuration
    would be a “large capacity magazine” if the magazine accepted more than
    15 rounds of ammunition in its telescoped state.8
    • 20-Round AR-15 Magazine with Removable Limiter (see Ex. E): A
    20-round magazine with a removable limiter that temporarily prevents it
    from accepting more than 15 rounds is a “large capacity magazine.” This
    is because the only reason to remove the limiter would be to increase the
    capacity of the magazine. Judged objectively, a removable limiter is
    designed to enable the magazine to be readily converted from a 15-round
    to a 20-round configuration.
    • 30-Round AR-15 Magazine with Permanently-Affixed Limiter (see
    Ex. F): A similar limiter that has been welded or epoxied to the frame of
    the 30-round magazine such that the limiter cannot be removed is not a
    “large capacity magazine.” Not only is this magazine not “designed to be
    readily converted to accept more than 15 rounds of ammunition”; it has
    been “permanently altered” to comply with HB 1224.

    • Standard Box Magazine with Removable Baseplate (see Ex. G): The
    type of magazine that Plaintiffs most fear would be rendered illegal by HB
    1224 is a standard magazine with a removable base plate that accepts 15
    or fewer rounds. These types of magazines are not large capacity
    magazines. The baseplates themselves do not enable the magazines to be
    expanded, and they serve functions aside from expansion—notably, they
    allow the magazine to be cleaned and repaired. To actually convert them
    to higher capacity, one must purchase additional equipment or
    permanently alter their operation mechanically. Unless so altered, they
    are not prohibited.
    • Magazine coupler (see Ex. H): A coupler that physically attaches two
    magazines together (an effect that could be accomplished just as easily
    with a few inches of duct tape), and “allows the user to attach two
    magazines together for more efficient speed reloads,” would not create a
    single large-capacity magazine. Because the second magazine must be
    inserted into the firearm separately—and only after the first magazine
    has been exhausted—this accessory does not convert two complying
    magazines into one non-compliant magazine.
    Is that saying that just the block is good enough, but epoxy or whatever would help further? It says "not only is this magazine not designed to be....."

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    Quote Originally Posted by DDT951 View Post
    But my original question...

    "Is buying parts and cutting magazines down to limit capacity legal as an individual."

    I cannot find an answer in the briefs/lawsuits.

    Now if APEX would sell me some parts to make 15 rounders....
    Had you not glossed over post 35 from 4 months ago that was answered for you with a link. Keep your mags, shove these limiters in them and call it good. Not to hard to figure out.
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    All my mags only hold 15 rounds...and 6 Kleenex, a striker, and a small fishing kit. You guys don't know about "survival" mags.
    Minimize, minimize, minimize.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Great-Kazoo View Post
    Had you not glossed over post 35 from 4 months ago that was answered for you with a link. Keep your mags, shove these limiters in them and call it good. Not to hard to figure out.

    Keep the mags is not the question. If I have pre-July 13 mags then leave them as is.

    From the original post...

    Quote Originally Posted by DDT951 View Post
    But I dont want to modify my pre '13 mags to lower capacity. I want "new" limited mags but not all weapons can they be purchased for. As an example, try finding 15 round [or less] Sterling mags. I think the only way to get them is to cut them down or block them. But on obscure mags, find pre-altered mags is hard.
    Maybe it has been glossed over, but the question has been how to legally make 15 round mags when they aren't available pre-made.

    There is a time when you either have post July '13 parts that could be assembled into high capacity, you have have post July '13 high capacity mags, but then they are modified to 15 round. There is an "in between time" where they are post-July 13 parts/mags and when modified down to the limit.

    It is possible to buy pre-blocked 15 rounders, but not every mag is available that way or some places dont want to take responsibility and make reduced count mags for obscure mags. Many places also wont ship "parts kits" (I suspect because of the SF letter / lawsuit) to make reduced capacity mags (which makes finding sources of obscure mags hard).

    If I was just asking about AR mags, it is easy., Google-foo will pull up modified AR mags. Some are done better than others.

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