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    Default open carry? best resource source?

    i have taken the class already, but annoyed with having to pay money to get a "license" i know i should just send the money in already and be done with it, but in the meantime, what are the rules and restrictions? coming out of kansas' constitutional carry has me spoiled....


    ps, im not an "open carry troll" i just goin path of least resistance right now...
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    Basically, legal in most of the state, with the exceptions of posted government buildings, the People's Republik City and county of Denver, parts of Breckenridge, and posted parks and open space. Keep in mind that just because it's legal doesn't stop some weenie from calling in a "man with a gun" to local law enforcement, with a commensurate response from them, ranging from a pleasant conversation to being tased and arrested.

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    This is a tricky subject. Some municipalities have banned open carry, so if you want to make your life easier, just pay for the CHP and move on. Plus, open carry can get you killed after some do gooder calls the cops.

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    Yeah. Each municipality can make up their own rules. Denver itself has really confusing boundaries and various islands of land that are denver.

    I used to keep a spreadsheet of it but gave up. Just get your ccw. Or carry concealed and risk the misdemeanor.

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