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    I wasn't happy with my cheek weld either but I concluded that it was not height that I needed but width. So I tried the Magpul STR carbine stock recently which is wider than that Magpul MOE I was using.
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    Anything lower than a 1.54” mount on an AR type rifle gets my neck so far out of whack I need to see a chiropractor. Currently I’m using a 1.93” height mount and it’s awesome, except when shooting prone, on which case it’s chin weld, although I can always add a cheek riser, but I can’t make the stock drop lower than the factory configuration regardless of what stock I’m using.

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    Never did get a chance to check out what resulted with Tim K's low mount. But after all that consideration I grew tired of the situation with the what if's & waiting. Finally just went & bought a couch for my face. I don't even remember which, the sls maybe. Some improvement with weld position though it's ugly as sin. It'll have to do until it doesnt.

    Thanks everyone. I very much appreciate the thoughts toward my query.
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    Remember that the M-16 was originally designed with the carrying handle and high front sight post. As we have evolved to the AR-15, the height for optics is similar to that of the old carrying handle. Another problem with a low mount (when using a standard rifle scope) is that the charging handle is hard to access/function with a full size scope in the way.

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