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    Direwolf - The bolt doesn't stick closed, it feels smooth and operates as I'm used to. The failure either has the bolt closed with no round or the next round jammed between the mag and chamber. I'm going to try some different quality factory rounds to make sure what I was firing wasn't underpowered. With this forums help, I'm leaning towards the bolt not retracting all the way which either means lack of gas or too strong a spring.

    Eric P - That's a good suggestion, I'll give that a try next time I'm out.

    Thanks for all the help, fellas!

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    C. Or too heavy of a buffer?

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    If its all Aero, odds are VERY good its running too fast, not too slow.
    .308 tubb flat-wire spring, A5 style extension if carbine type stock to allow H2 buffer.
    And possible chamber correction depending on what barrel.
    A lot of the barrels have tight throats meant to help out the low pressure 147grn spire point bullet of the M80 ball round. Commercial .308 and Mil Match (MK118lr and clones) are much hotter with an ogive that typically will be hitting the lands on chambering.

    Film your bolt travel on high speed, and watch your ejection pattern. Casings going far forward or erratically spinning off all directions would indicate too fast. If it was actually too slow, youd see ejected casings land close, at the 4 o'clock or farther rear
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    Or just bring it into the shop (Bowers Tactical) and let Firemoth or I take a look at it.

    AR10's are fickle creatures with totally different temperaments than an AR15. Unfortunately the ease of setting up AR15s lulls many into the belief that AR10s will be the same. They are just the opposite. The slo-mo video is golden stuff to diagnose what's going on though.
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