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Thread: ? about a BCG

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    I'm leaning on ejector over extractor by what you described. Change the ejector at home and bring a new extractor with you to the range so you can make sure which one was the bad one.
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    Quote Originally Posted by beast556 View Post you can make sure which one was the bad one.
    ...and then you have people with bad luck like me. My F150 was throwing an EGR error which was either the EGR valve OR the valve position sensor. The sensor was cheaper, so I bought that and replaced it. Same error. So I bought the valve, replaced it and put the old position sensor back in (I'm a diagnostic engineer, FWIW). Same error. Put the new sensor back in (now new sensor AND valve) and everything's been hunky-dory ever since - they both went bad at the same time.

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