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Thread: Range finders

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    Just a quick update, the Nikon will range an antelope at 950 yards. It doesn't have the best glass, but for hunting, it works just fine for my needs. I've used it enough that I actually had to replace the battery during 2nd rifle last week. Looks like the battery lasted 10 months with pretty extensive use. I actually use it at work every now and then, and ranged stuff very often during all three hunting trips this season.

    The furthest I've gotten mine to read was something like 3,200 yards. It just flashed that distance long enough to get a read, and it was on the side of a building. Thanks for the help everyone. I'm happy with the Nikon unit and would recommend it to others.
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    Irving, I had a chance to fool around with the Sig2200 binoculars at a recent Rex Defense class. They were amazing! Bright, clear picture, quick to focus, and easy to hit the ranging target far away, even unsupported. Rex (Tiborasaurus) said he used it for well over 3,000 yards with fresh batteries. For the price, they seem like a great value to me. Never used the Vortex product, so I can't compare the two.

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