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    Jack of all trades gun?
    I think the general rule is 1x for every 100 yard, so now I see the 8x requirement. Based on your choice though why not go with a BDC and match it to the ballistics of the 75grn? I think Leupold can cut you a custom reticule.
    It almost sounds like an rds coupled with a 2-8 or the common 3-9 is the ticket here.
    Btw, have you checked on the Brian Enos forum what the cool kids are running?

    I hope I am not coming off argumentative, that's not my intention. I find these topics fascinating, plus I have been wondering about this myself so want to see what you come up with.

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    Jack of all trades - pretty much, but with leniency towards precision fire and focusing more on typical threat/target distances.

    I don't like BDC since it locks me into a particular load. I want to be able to run a ballistic table for any load. That way, even though it's not ideal, if I had to lay down something like M855 at distance, I'm not fighting a 75gr load-based reticle.

    While I understand a 3-9x or 2-10x etc, if coupled with RMR, I want to be able to maintain 1x in the main optic if necessary. I don't see the point of a 2-8, since 1-8 already encompasses those powers. Since the NX8 is such a small and lightweight package, the trade for 1x to assure CQB factors remain in optical favor, in the event of RMR failure, is worth it to me.
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