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    Default SureFire M-591/92 LED Upgrade

    Just wanted to share the info for a great upgrade on these older M-951/52's which is the MALKOFF Led drop in replacment bulb. Very nice unit and great improvment over the stock 65 lumen bulb. I just picked this M-951/52 up past week and appears to be new and never mounted. I know the LED will not allow me to use the IR capabilities but will retain the original bulb in case I need to go back with it. Going to mount this to my SIG MCX in 300BLK if I can find a good offset 45 degree mount to fit those tall rails on the SIG. I would like to place the light at the 13:00 position for my preference & left side pressure switch. This link is from dropbox so hope it works... pictures was large and didn't want to resize them.
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    I've been thinking about getting one of these. Thanks for the review.

    Where did you pick up the MALKOFF replacement bulb?

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