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    And nobody has any embarassing photographs? Freedom of the press!

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    Quote Originally Posted by MED View Post
    We only need to flip two senators to block gun control at the legislature. We need to go after these three before it is passed with the ultimatum that they will be recalled; maybe just show up at the hearings with the petitions in hand and organize rather than listen to their BS because they won't listen to us anyway.

    Leroy Garcia, District 3 (this was Giron's seat so he knows a recall is possible)
    Pete Lee, District 11 (this was Morse's seat so he also knows a recall is possible)
    Tammy Story, District 16 (this is Neville's seat that he lost, and a lot of mountain people will trash her on the gun issue)

    Jessie Danielson (D20) and Brittany Patterson (D22) are possibilities too.
    Faith Winter (D24) is another one too; she flipped the seat from Beth Martinez Humenik
    Great list. Thank you.

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