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    Default Glock 19 Gen 5 Magwell

    Background: I bought a G19 gen5 after about 3 months of its release, my impression was it has the same ergonomic as my gen3 and gen4 I had. The Finger grooves didn't bother me whether it is there or not. However, the gen5 dreaded half moon cut in front of the magwell makes my grip very awkward.

    My solution: Buying a magwell as it will cover the half moon cut in front of the grip.

    Availability: At the time I was looking into this solution, 2 weeks ago from this post, the magwells available that I could find were made by Zev ($99), Dawson ($79.99), and SLR ($79.99).

    What I decided & Why: After spending some time looking at pictures and comparing between the three, I went with SLR. This is just my opinion before purchasing, I was about to buy the Zev but keep having second thought because the mag sits flush inside the magwell, I didn't like that and the screw is just obnoxiously protruding out the back making me think it'll be poking the palm of my hand.
    The Dawson though looks nice and uniform, I think it is a bit bulky for me. Also, it is a 2 piece kit, you mount the plug first with one screw, then the magwell to the base of the plug with another screw.
    The Dawson will work with other backstraps but I think you'd have to specify when you order, Zev said backstrap will work if you modify the backstrap and SLR doesn't work with factory backstrap.
    I found SLR last during my search and just in time as they had a 15% off sale for Shot show (Paid $76.98 shipped), out of the three, SLR got everything I was looking for, the magwell is slim, contour nicely (to me), the screw doesn't look obnoxious, single piece mounting like Zev and the mag sticks out enough when inserted. Factory backstrap won't work but I don't need it, it wasn't a deciding factor to me, just throwing it out there for information. They are all aluminum.

    So hopefully what I went through will help people in the same situation, I know there is a base plate that will fill the half-moon cutout but those mags will only work for the Gen5 Glock if you are using the modified base plate.

    If any of my information is wrong, please let me know.

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    Thanks for the info.

    I?ve noticed the gen 5 MOS models don?t have the cutout. I wouldn?t be surprised to see all of the newer 19 models coming out without the cutout.

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    That looks nice, like it came from the factory. There was a glock rep at Liberty a few weeks back and he told me all the new gen5 pistols wont have the cut out anymore. They got tons of complaints about it and did away with it.
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