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    It's amazing when I manufacture a kydex holster how some people will scoff at spending $50 on it when it has qualities you mention in your post. Yet, they'll spend $100 on a POS hybrid holster that is complete shit because some tacti-cool guy on YouTube uses it.

    That being said, this is a great post and some great points being mentioned. As far a lumens on a light are concerned, use what you are comfortable with. I don't think 500 lumens is a bad choice. I run a TLR-1 HL with 800 lumen output. It's bright as all get out and probably a bit much for a handgun, but it works when I need it to. There are pro's and con's to leather and kydex, I just don't think they belong together. A lot of my customer base is from people wanting custom kydex holsters. If they request something I don't feel is "safe" or so outlandish it makes the holster impractical, I politely let them know.
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    Quote Originally Posted by .455_Hunter View Post
    One really good thing you mentioned was "
    Complete neglect of the "pocket carry" method used by a high percentage of carriers (both civilian and LEO).

    500 lumens is too bright for nighttime indoor operations where you could be blinded by your own light reflecting off mirrors, windows, even white gloss walls.

    OWB holsters with hammer retaining straps and exposed triggers are perfectly fine for hammered revolvers and hammered DA/SA autos carried fully decocked.
    *pocket carries
    *light derp
    *extreme holster derp (retaining straps and exposed trigger in same sentence when talking about ?perfectly fine?. Another reason why we can?t have nice things)
    *describes derptastic carry dude who doesn?t train as ?95% in defensive preparedness?
    *continues down that road^ to add ?last 5% is a lot of fuss and not worth it?

    We get it dude, you are a proud gun owner and don?t wanna hear anything questioning your super sketchy... everything.


    Just about everything you said was a shit idea and was detrimental to this excellent content by OP.

    And it IS great stuff. Thanks OP.

    I was looking for some stuff to hate there and found none. I?ve put reps on most of the holsters you list, and can vouch for them being excellent choices. All of them facilitate a sub second draw to COM A @7yd which is a standard that works well to sort out ok holsters from great holsters.

    Glad to see John Correia making an appearance in there too. Good stuff.

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