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    Default anyone ever send someting to the atf for a c&r determination?

    was wondering how the process was - quickly looking over the list, a smith from 1995 is on it - id be happy to have them declare pinned/recessed or even prelock counts as collectable........

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    When I first got into C&R stuff they used to send out a book that listed all modern C&R guns. Guns that were not old enough to meet the 50 years mark. Every gun on that list was a true collectible type gun. All were built as collectibles. Gold inlays, engraved, signifigant serial number and such. Curiously it also listed the serial numbers, or range. Think number 10 million, presentation grade, Winchester lever action. Some on the list might have been famous guns too. Like movie props? I might be making that up, the mind is a funny thing. So, unless the gun has real significant uniqueness, it's probably not worth the trouble.
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